Shadow of A Vengence

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The Story So Far

Stumbleing apon the wreckage of a shop, the adventurers found that the distruction atributed to the bearded halfling (the rouge) had been seeking. Following a trail of clues they found the trail cold in a large city, after causing some unnessisary chaos the adventurers stumbled across the remains of the local thieves guild. The thieves there told them of a new group of mysterious and powerfull criminals whos arrival corilated with the founding of a tavern/inn just outside of the city. The adventurers followed this lead to find a large, empty tavern outside of town. After incapacitating the tavernmaster, and fumbleing their way through a couple of traps, they found an underground passage and a large iron chamber, includeing a passage covered by a heavy manhole and guarded by a large eath elemental. As we pick up the story the party has managed to get passed the earth elemental and into an underground labyrinth filled with unknown challenges.

The Labyrinth



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