Shadow of A Vengence


Sometimes adventure finds you

After falling into the cavernous room and seeing the earth elemental guardian disapear into the surrounding earth the party decides to spend some time recuperating before attempting to explore the multitude of passageways leading away from the room.

Setting up a watch the rest of the party beds down in a corner of the massive room. After a short amount of time passes a Gnoll wearing armor bearing the symbol of a shadowy hand engulfing the world enters the room. Wakened by the watch Jarki offers some of his rations to the Gnoll as a peace offering. The Gnoll accepts the meat. As he wolfs down the meat he waves a wicked looking battle ax at them and insists that they aren’t supposed to be there.

As the Gnoll is distracted Jarki attempts to tackle him, however the Gnoll is able to sidestep and smacks him with the flat of his blade. recovering quickly Jarki’s fist connects with the back of the Gnolls skull, and the Gnoll crumples to the ground stunned.

Folosial uses this opportunity to hogtie the Gnoll, but before he can recover to answer their questions the party is overcome by an aura of evil, while a couple of the party flee into the labyrinth, the others turn to see a dretch, a lesser demon, watching them from another tunnel. As the party members move into position the dretch is joined by a female elf, wearing the same symbol as the Gnoll.

Jarki moves forward to confront the new enemies the rest of the party moves to do dammage from a safe distance. Despite flanking Jarki, the elf and the dretch are unable to take him out and get past him before the arrows and spells of the rest of the party take down the dretch, and force the elf to surrender.

Seizing a momentary opportunity the elf darts down yet another hallway, and Mercer just finding his way back from the tunnles he had fled into, gave chase only to find himself in the middle of an outlook post maned by a drow and a bugbear bearing the shadowhand symbol.



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